Learn about our programs and see why hundreds of residential and commercial real estate investors have turned to Shannon and his team for their financing needs.

Program and Process Highlights

  • Borrowers may be able to close in as little as 10 days from the time they sign our disclosure package which lays out the terms in black and white.
  • We lend up to 90% of purchase price when it makes sense. Construction draws are sometimes available on homes with excellent ARV potential.
  • We lend up to 80% Loan-to-Value (LTV) on cash-out refinances. We use multiple factors to establish current value.
  • Borrowers may be able to get 24-48 hour approvals with no minimum credit score requirements.
  • We can provide price quote and loan amount estimates within 24 hours of our initial phone conversation.
  • We lend on Investment Properties and Commercial Properties.
  • We offer 2 year balloon terms and shorter options.
  • There is between a 0-12 month prepayment penalty depending on multiple factors.
  • Renewals are sometimes available after the end of the loan term without having to close a second time.
  • The maximum loan amount is $1 Million. We get more conservative with underwriting above 300K.
  • Blanket loans on multiple properties are available.
  • Foreign Investors are OK with a seasoned US bank account and a Florida S Corp or LLC.
  • Pre-Approval letters along with PROOF OF FUNDS are available after receiving a full application and the delivery of all other needed items (i.e. 2 full bank statements or tax return, ID, and name of insurance agent).
  • Borrowers must guarantee the loans personally.
  • Borrowers must insure the property. Wind insurance is required. Flood is not required in all cases.
  • Investment opportunities for private lenders are available. Call our team for details.
  • Learn about our Fix and Flip loan programs.


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